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Our first family dog was an Australian Shepherd. Their breed temperament is loyalty and obedience. They are extremely loving and patient. I have four kids and consider all our Aussies family. They tend to be more loyal to their own family members, but are still friendly to strangers.

When you combine the hypoallergenic benefits of the poodle with the temperament of the Australian shepherd, the Aussiedoodle is the perfect choice. 
Service potential is also wide open for this amazing breed as they often serve as therapy animals to many people. 

F1-First Generation
An F1 Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd x Poodle, 

F1 Coats are almost always the Wavy Plush coats, occasionally we will get a curlier plush coat in an F1 litter.  Our poodle studs used for F1 litters carry two copies of the furnishings and curl coat gene to ensure the "doodle" look everyone wants, we will never produce a flat coat doodle.  All our F1 doodles have one copy of the furnishings gene and one copy of the curl coat gene.

Past F1 Puppies have been very low to non-shedding.  We have mild allergies in our home and they all do fine with F1 dogs and puppies.

F1b-Second Generation
F1b Goldendoodles are an F1 Goldendoodle x Poodle, we breed Miniature, Petite and Toys in this generation.

In an F1b litter approximately 1/2 of the litter will have the same coat genetics as an F1 and the other 1/2 will have two copies of the curl coat and furnishings genes.  This means that half of the litter will have the wavy plush coats more similar to an F1 and the other half will have the curly coats.

Past F1b puppies have been extremely low to non-shedding and are normally great choice  for moderate to severe allergy families.

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