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How does puppy selection take place?
*Puppy selection is up to 4 weeks old.
*First Pick "Golden puppy" Extra $1000
Second pick Extra $500
*First pick will make their selection and the second pick will make theirs next.
*This is a tough process, we understand. We do our very best to help you through it. You are welcome to meet puppies in person, FaceTime, pics and video. 
Make sure you watch daily instagram stories and feed as we update very regularly.
What if I need to move deposits to another list?
*Deposits are non refundable but they are transferrable
*We understand life happens and things come up that are not planned for. We allow a ONE time transfer from one litter to another.
When is final payment due?
*Final payment is due at 6 weeks when we schedule pick up or drop off of puppy.
*Payments can be made via cash, Venmo, PayPal
Do you offer a health guarantee?
* Yes, we offer a 12 month health guarantee. It means we guarantee your puppy to be free of genetic defects until the puppy reaches 1 year of age. Please read contract For this to be valid, you must take your new puppy to your vet 48 hours after you receive your puppy and set up future care. The puppy will have received it’s 8 week vaccinations and worming. You will be responsible for their 12 week and 16 week vaccinations which will include a rabies vaccination. Your puppy will also need a 12 month booster. Please see our contract for more details.
When is puppy ready to come home?
*Your new fur baby is ready to home at 8 weeks.
**PLEASE NOTE: final puppy pricing will be posted to the families or on our website once the puppies are 2-3 weeks old. Until then, we offer the above ESTIMATED price range but do not guarantee the price of a puppy until after they are born and it has been determined by us. 
*When can I meet my puppy?
We allow one visit per family, once your puppy is six weeks old and has been vet checked. Sorry, we do not allow visitors before this. Only families who have placed deposits are able to come meet the puppies. We will do our best to do regular Instagram Lives, send videos, and post stories of each puppy to allow you to see their personalities. 
*How often will I get updated photos of my puppy?
We post high-resolution images once a week. We will be posting other videos and pictures regularly during their 8 weeks with us, so keep an eye on our Instagram account. 
*Can I meet my puppies parents?
If you’re local their mama will be with us and you can meet her at puppy pickup or a scheduled visit. Our dads will not be available to meet at this time. Watch our lives and instagram stories to get a feel for personalities. 
*Will my puppy come vet checked?
Yes! All puppies have their dew claws removed by our vet between 3 and 5 days old. They are then vet checked, wormed, and vaccinated by 6 weeks.

Payment info

The Following Payment Methods are Accepted 

  • Venmo 

  • Paypal 

Breeding Rights

All Puppies will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. Breeding rights are only given to approved Breeders. Please contact us about breeding right pricing. 

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