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“My husband and I are so happy to have chosen Willowway doodles. We found them on Instagram and I followed along for a while before reaching out. When I saw our now puppy available, I knew he was the reason we had waited. Working with Jessica was so easy and she went out of her way to answer questions, send pictures and videos, and walk us through the process. Part of the reason we were drawn to this breeder was the evident family dynamic and care given to each puppy before they leave for their forever homes. She helped us make the transition for our puppy, Sullivan, from Utah to Washington so easy! And he is an absolute joy. Our puppy is smart, active, social, and so so bonded to us. He is extremely easy to train and has the most beautiful coat and eyes. We would absolutely recommend this breeder to anyone.”

-Kailey and Hudson 



"I’ve wanted a dog for two years or so, but it was hard for me to get any dog.  I’m allergic to
certain dogs and after doing some research I discovered the Mini Goldendoodles
can be hypoallergenic. After doing research and following some breeders on Instagram,
I stumbled on Willow Way Doodles.  I
started following them on Instagram and would ask questions here and there but not
fully committing.  Then early this year I
decided to go for it!  I reached out to Jessica
to schedule a time to speak with her.  I asked A LOT of questions about the process and the breeds. She was patient with all my questions and helped me with the decision. It was an amazing experience from seeing them born to taking their first steps to getting them home. Kahlo (my puppy) is so
smart and handsome with a great temperament. He is a showstopper everywhere I take him."

Kahlo WWD.jpg


I came across Willow Way Doodles after searching for months and doing a ton of research on breeders. I am so thankful that I did! Our little Jeni Bean is so well behaved and has the perfect temperament. She is perfectly healthy! The vet said she only has one problem—that she is “too cute for her own good”! We seriously could not have been happier with Willow Way Doodles. Jeni has been the best puppy ever and we can’t wait to experience life with her! Thank you to Jessica and her family. I’d recommend Willow Way to everyone!!

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"Our family highly recommends WillowWay Doodles! We had an amazing experience getting our Aussie doodle from WillowWay. Jessica was a delight and made the entire process super easy. She sent pictures, posted videos and answered all our questions. She even assisted us in scheduling the arrangements for our puppy’s journey home with a flight nanny. Sadie is a dream come true. She’s super smart, beautiful, spunky, easy to train and such a loving dog. We are so happy to have found and chosen Willow Way Doodles!"


Stacey, Sam, Makenna & Emily



Willow Way Doodles is hands down top notch. I discovered them on Instagram. I followed her awhile and loved seeing how Jessica integrates all of her puppies in her family life. Each litter is loved on and cared for like their own. These puppies were exposed to many sensory experiences as well as an intro to potty training and crate training. Our Ollie is not only gorgeous but the sweetest puppy I have ever known! She helped us arrange to be flown to Atlanta and it was so easy! I asked Jessica so many questions along the way and she would always answer thoroughly. We waited several months for Ollie due to a puppy demand in 2020! but it was 100% worth it. We got exactly what we wanted and more with Willow Way Doodles. Thank you Jessica! We have the best puppy! 





Rylie is the most wonderful addition to our family, and I can’t imagine my life without her! I stumbled across Willow Way Doodles on Instagram and am forever grateful to Jessica for bringing her into my life. She is the most friendly, loving, and happy girl that brings a smile to everyone’s face. She loves every dog and every person that comes her way, which is a testament to the environment she was raised in. Can’t recommend Willow Way Doodles enough. 💕 

Michele and Franci K.

Miami, FL



“I had such the perfect experience getting my little Goldendoodle from Willow Way Doodles! Jessica made the process so simple and straightforward forward. As soon as I put my deposit down she kept in touch letting me know how Mama was doing and when she gave birth. Then I chose to have LOUELLA as our newest family member! Jessica is sent photos and let me know pretty regularly how she was doing. I would just shoot a text or email over and get info and photos of the pup! Picking her up at the airport was a breeze. She arrived with her health certificate and vaccination and immunization records along with the cutest stuffed dog and blanket that Louella still sleeps with today! She has slept in her crate since night one! Smart lil gal! I took Lady Lou for a her over all health checkup a couple days after getting her and she checked out “Healthy & Happy". My daughters and I are in love with her and I am so happy I went with Willow Way Doodles!

Thank you Jessica!”

— Love, Lilah, Stella, Adaline & Louella



"Our experience with Jessica and Willow Way Doodles was first class!

From the start, Jessica made herself available to answers all the questions we had about the process and our puppy. She also did a great job posting videos and photos as our puppy grew, which made us feel a connection to him before he came home. Willow Way arranged to have our puppy flown in the cabin with a flight nanny to LAX and it was a very simple and easy process. Our puppy arrived happy, healthy, and adorable! Our vet keeps saying that we got such a perfect dog, which is very reassurings since I am sure hes seen thousands over his carrer. I would highly recommend Willow Way Doodles!"


Melissa P.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Mellissa .jpeg


Jessica at willowway doodles was so helpful since the first message I sent her. She knew exactly what I was looking for and she always answered all my questions. The process of adopting a puppy from them is fairly easy you just have to be patient. Jessica sent me updates of ultrasound, X-rays, and delivery. After puppies were born she was very active on Instagram posting weekly updates and pictures. I loved feeling as if I was there watching them grow with all the videos of them. Once it was pick up day we decided to drive to Utah and Jessica was in contact with us the whole way. She ended up meeting us closer and a whole day early. I couldn’t be more thankful to her for taking great care of Bengie. He had such an easy transition at home and I think it’s because of all the love he got with Jessica’s family. Bengie is full of energy and super cuddly at the same time. Most importantly, Bengie is a strong and healthy puppy! Thank you willow way doodles!

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